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Ideas undertakes Annual Repair and Maintenance Contract for its Customers, this Service is provided to our Customers for improving their Brand Identity by way of Neat and Clean Sites.

There is constant flow of Customers at ATM Site , Branches or Retail Showroom’s which results in wear and tear of Furnitures and Fixtures , Paint , Flooring, False Ceiling, etc. This has to be regularly maintained to avoid major damages and replacement.

We at Ideas can undertake Contract for regular upkeep and maintenance of Assets at nominal cost. Once we undertake Annual Maintenance Contract , the Site is Surveyed and all Assets which are under Contract the data is captured and Report is submitted to the Customer.

Scope of Work under AMC :- Monthly Two Visits.

Furnitures and Fixtures will be cleaned and Serviced.

Loose fittings will be tightened and Serviced.

False Ceiling and Flooring will be dusted and cleaned. Flooring will be cleaned with chemicals for any stains.

Fixed Glazing and Main Door will be cleaned , Floor Spring , Door Closer , Handles , Hinges , will be serviced.

Electrical fitting and Switches will be checked and serviced.

Bathroom and Tank will be cleaned with Chemicals and deodorant will be used.

Any Major damage or wear and tear if needs replacement ,will be bought to the notice of the Customers by us. The Cost will be shared for replacement and approval.

We will share timeline for such replacement work on receipt of approval.